TRAFFIC HAZARD with Debbie Crothers


Traffic Hazard polymer clay workshop with Debbie Crothers – It’s a bit weird I know…but I’ve always wanted to grab those “butt-ugly” traffic cones and transform them with a splash of paint.  How awesome would that look on the road!!  

We’re going to be creating our own “traffic” cones – but traffic cones with a difference!!  These are hand painted and hand designed and incorporate some cool techniques and they’re really not traffic cones at all but they’re pretty awesome!  Once you learn these techniques it will be easy to include them in pieces which are uniquely yours.  

Learning outcomes:

  • We’ll be working with a range of decorative products, painting products and of course my fave, foils.
  • I’ll be demoing the luscious liquid clay coating on these pieces as well and will discuss at length, my process.
  • We can also create some small accent beads to incorporate into the finished piece.
  • I’ll show you a simple but incredibly effective way to string these cones.  You’ll be stopping the traffic with them that’s for sure! 

The cone shape is versatile and can be manipulated in many ways – with the basics learnt there will be no stopping you!

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Sunday 18th August 2019
1:45 pm – 5:30 pm


Debbie Crothers