BIRDS OF THE OUTBACK with Debbie Crothers


Birds of the Outback polymer clay workshop with Debbie Crothers – You could be forgiven for thinking Australia is a vast expanse of “nothingness” full of red dirt, sheep and cattle.  In fact, Australia is home to many beautiful birds.  One of the rarest birds on this planet just happens to live in the Australian Outback – The Outback Polymer Pigeon.  We’re going to attempt to replicate the amazing feathers from this bird which won’t be easy but, with guidance and a little bit of artistic creativity, I know we can do it!!   

Learning outcomes:

  • I’ll be sharing a range of different veneer techniques including some unique ways to use your silkscreens, stencils and foils. 
  • I’ll also share with you, my technique for constructing the feather and applying “art bits” to create a stunning finished piece. 
  • Finally, I’ll be demonstrating how to create a professional finish which will turn your feather from “ho-hum” to “woaw-yum”.   

My goal is to show you how to create feathers for a wall art piece but these techniques lend themselves beautifully to jewellery, beads and pendants.   

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Friday 16th August 2019
8:45 am – 5:30 pm
(Lunch Break – 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm)


Debbie Crothers