Christi friesen

Amazing Mixed Media Polymer Clay Artitst

Christi Friesen

Mixed Media Polymer Clay Artist

Christi Friesen is an award-winning artist, who works in mixed media. Christi’s work has been showcased in numerous books, magazines and exhibits. She is the author of over a dozen how-to books on creating with polymer clay. Christi teaches throughout the world, using humor and positive energy to encourage students to stretch their creativity, technical skills and artistic confidence
Christi shapes and forms polymer clay and mixed media into a vast array of ghoulies critters, mosaics, sculpture, jewellery.
Now is your chance to not only meet her but participate in her one of a kind workshops.
Christi Friesen is living life to the full with her massive year of travel around the world and we are so very lucky the “Christi a Go Go” schedule fits like a jigsaw with the first Polymer Clay Carnival in Australia. Yay Christi! We’re ready to rave with you!

All classes By Christi Friesen

Day 1

August 16, 2019,

9.00 – 12.30

In this half-day workshop you will have a great time making weird but sweet little creatures that can be little sculptures, pendants, or even earrings! You will learn the sgraffito technique using 24k leaf and you will play with powders and other embellishments. The emphasis is on creating personality in your sweet little critters.

Day 1

August 16, 2019,

02.00 – 05.30

In this half-day workshop you will learn how to create fast, fun and funky Twisters – little air plant holders that can hang out on the fridge (with magnets of course) or pin to the wall, and Plant Pods – sweet and sturdy little pods that can hold a flower bouquet or even a small planting. The emphasis is on creating hollow forms from clay blends and using surface embellishments.

Day 2

August 17, 2019,

09.00 – 5.30

In this full-day workshop you will create sculptural pieces from polymer then use them as the focal point of an assemblage of materials using epoxy clay to bring it all together.
Lots of excitement working with a variety of materials with the emphasis on design, composition and learning how different materials work together

Day 3

August 18, 2018,

09.00 – 5.30

In this full-day workshop you will create a variety of small artful bowls using many techniques including line & colour, collage, sgraffito and shape-forming.  The emphasis is on line-art skills and using powders and surface treatments as well as several ways to make the bowl forms.
It’s a day of fun exploration!